What an experience...

It all started with a little girl’s dream.  I can’t remember a time in my life where I did not want to be a business owner.  Since my childhood, owning my own boutique was all I ever wanted to do.  I used to dream of what it would look like, the colours, the smell, the customers and of course what unique items I could sell. I always thought this would be just a dream.  What was I thinking? I didn’t know anything about business or finding suppliers, or owning a store…where would I even begin?  Fear and the unknown always kept me from investigating further.  Cause let’s face it, how can I ever own a store?!?


It was back in February of this year when I made the decision that it was time. It was time for a change.  I wanted to be near my family and follow my dreams.  We all go through things in our lives that get us stuck.  We get comfortable with our surroundings and feel like we can’t move past where we are.  I was tired of feeling miserable and wanted more out of life.  That’s when I made it real and discussed it with my family. I wanted to be near my nephews and see them grow up and actually have a part in their lives other than being the aunt that lived so far away and who they saw twice a year.

It was official, I was moving.  And isn’t it funny how things happen… 3 days after discussing this with my brother he sent me a link to a boutique for sale.  WHAT?!? Could this be? Could I do this?!?  Could I actually follow my dream? Could I really be getting this chance?!? YES, the answer was yes I could!!  And right then and there my entire life was flipped upside down and changed forever.  The process for buying Second Star to the Right had started. 


Both Kim and I can attest that it was long, hard at times, scary for sure but worth it in the end.  I jumped in with both feet not knowing what I was really getting into. Every time I thought I was turning a corner and that it would get easier, another ten things would be added to the list of to do’s.  I ran from one place to the next, meeting with different individuals getting the information that I needed to move forward with this dream.  And trust me, it wasn’t easy at times, really made me question what I was doing.  But each time the answer always came back the same… keep going!  So I did.


I think the best part of this entire process was seeing how I can push myself to limits I didn’t know were possible; to go through stressful situations and coming out on top, still breathing.  And the most important, was knowing deep down that no matter what other people thought or said, I was making this decision for me and nobody else.  Every decision I took was for me and what was best for me.  It was the first time in my life that I actually put myself first. 


The dream of being the owner of a small quaint boutique CHECK!  I can’t help but ask myself… What else is possible???

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Rachel Baril
May 9, 2018
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