After all… change is natural!

When I first took over the store, I would spend days playing around with the Kameleon jewellery, trying on different pieces and interchanging the jewel pops.  Not one combination looked exactly like the other.  And for any of you that are Kameleon customers you can attest to this.  Changing that little pop changed the entire look of the piece.  Adding a little sparkle dresses it up, adding colour could change the mood completely, it’s really amazing how one little pop of colour can change your life.


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Change seems to be one of those things that you either accept or reject. It can be the greatest thing or the worst.  It took me many attempts to learn to cope and embrace it.  The Kameleon jewellery reminded me how change can be exhilaring and positive.  As Wayne Dyer said “Change your thought, change your life”.  By changing the way you think, your judgement and feelings can have a significant impact on your entire world.

I have found that my Kameleon jewellery has opened up my eyes to another world of possibilities.  Every time I put it on, I get to choose a different jewel pop and it helps me look at the bright side of things.  New pop. New day!  So now I do my best to welcome change. Because if you can change your mood with one little pop, imagine what you could accomplish if you let your thoughts be open to change too.



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Rachel Baril
May 9, 2018
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