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We are so fortunate to be able to offer you Canadian made products.  When I shop for new collections or approach new local artisans, I am always at awe with the talent that we have here in the KW area and throughout Canada.   We are introducing more and more local entrepreneur in the store and in this feature I am SO proud to introduce Love & Co. Chocolaterie.


Love&Co, chocolaterie, Cambridge, Preston, Gifts, Second Star
Love&Co, Chocolaterie, Chocolates, Cambridge, Preston, Gifts

They are a local base company who puts the love back into chocolate. All of their chocolates are designed and created in Preston.  All colours and garnishes are 100% natural, and nothing is artificial or fake.


The founder of the company, Jessica Penney uses edible flowers and aphrodisiac ingredients with heart opening, blood flowing qualities to create a sensual experience.  She makes chocolate with purpose - For the love of the body, For the love of the heart and For the love of each other.


As a chocolate lover, I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful and tasty these chocolates are.  They have 8 signature flavours and all of them are good!  Here are a few of my favourite:
Champagne & Cardamom dark ganache truffle
Lavender-Hazelnut milk giaduja in a dark chocolate shell
Caramel, Fleur de del Creme Brûlée with a layer of dark chocolate in a white chocolate shell.


Now, don’t tell me your mouth isn’t watering?!?


My next purchase is the Karma bars.  We have two different flavours in the store:
APHRODITE-70% Dark chocolate bar, with blackcurrants, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, and edible flowers (Roses, Juniper & Lavender)
HERCULES-Milk Chocolate Bar with home made burnt caramel, pumpkin seeds and fleur de sel.


I can’t wait to give these a try!  I have heard from customers that they are fantastic.

Love&Co, Chocolaterie, chocolates, bars, hercules, gifts, Cambridge, Preston


Jessica also does chocolate parties.  You can learn the secrets and make your own creations.  These are great for Bachelorettes, wedding showers or just plain fun!   She also caters to wedding and events in the local area.


For more information on Love & Co. Chocolaterie, please visit their website:

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Friendly Competition between Preston and Galt businesses

We are SO excited to have partnered up with 4 other Preston businesses, Candy Funhouse, Studio 1291, Watson Denture Clinic and The Red Tea Pot to take on 5 Galt businesses in raising food donations for the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank.  The area that raises the most donations will win bragging rights!  We are really excited to take this on and raise as much food as we can for the Holiday Season. We are accepting donations until December 19th.


So please come out and support Preston by bringing food donations to one of the five businesses.   ’Tis the season for giving and supporting our neighbours.  Give generously!

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Second Star to the Right is giving away a set of Chrysalis Life Collection Bracelets! 


All you have to do to "WIN" is go to our Facebook page, like our page and comment on the contest post telling us which of the 3 Chrysalis bracelets shown is your favourite! That's it!!


Contest closes at NOON on Oct 31, when a winner will be drawn randomly from the entries. The name of the winner will be posted on our FB page.



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After all… change is natural!

When I first took over the store, I would spend days playing around with the Kameleon jewellery, trying on different pieces and interchanging the jewel pops.  Not one combination looked exactly like the other.  And for any of you that are Kameleon customers you can attest to this.  Changing that little pop changed the entire look of the piece.  Adding a little sparkle dresses it up, adding colour could change the mood completely, it’s really amazing how one little pop of colour can change your life.


Jewellery, Kameleon, jewel pop, gifts, cambridge

Change seems to be one of those things that you either accept or reject. It can be the greatest thing or the worst.  It took me many attempts to learn to cope and embrace it.  The Kameleon jewellery reminded me how change can be exhilaring and positive.  As Wayne Dyer said “Change your thought, change your life”.  By changing the way you think, your judgement and feelings can have a significant impact on your entire world.

I have found that my Kameleon jewellery has opened up my eyes to another world of possibilities.  Every time I put it on, I get to choose a different jewel pop and it helps me look at the bright side of things.  New pop. New day!  So now I do my best to welcome change. Because if you can change your mood with one little pop, imagine what you could accomplish if you let your thoughts be open to change too.



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What an experience...

It all started with a little girl’s dream.  I can’t remember a time in my life where I did not want to be a business owner.  Since my childhood, owning my own boutique was all I ever wanted to do.  I used to dream of what it would look like, the colours, the smell, the customers and of course what unique items I could sell. I always thought this would be just a dream.  What was I thinking? I didn’t know anything about business or finding suppliers, or owning a store…where would I even begin?  Fear and the unknown always kept me from investigating further.  Cause let’s face it, how can I ever own a store?!?


It was back in February of this year when I made the decision that it was time. It was time for a change.  I wanted to be near my family and follow my dreams.  We all go through things in our lives that get us stuck.  We get comfortable with our surroundings and feel like we can’t move past where we are.  I was tired of feeling miserable and wanted more out of life.  That’s when I made it real and discussed it with my family. I wanted to be near my nephews and see them grow up and actually have a part in their lives other than being the aunt that lived so far away and who they saw twice a year.

It was official, I was moving.  And isn’t it funny how things happen… 3 days after discussing this with my brother he sent me a link to a boutique for sale.  WHAT?!? Could this be? Could I do this?!?  Could I actually follow my dream? Could I really be getting this chance?!? YES, the answer was yes I could!!  And right then and there my entire life was flipped upside down and changed forever.  The process for buying Second Star to the Right had started. 


Both Kim and I can attest that it was long, hard at times, scary for sure but worth it in the end.  I jumped in with both feet not knowing what I was really getting into. Every time I thought I was turning a corner and that it would get easier, another ten things would be added to the list of to do’s.  I ran from one place to the next, meeting with different individuals getting the information that I needed to move forward with this dream.  And trust me, it wasn’t easy at times, really made me question what I was doing.  But each time the answer always came back the same… keep going!  So I did.


I think the best part of this entire process was seeing how I can push myself to limits I didn’t know were possible; to go through stressful situations and coming out on top, still breathing.  And the most important, was knowing deep down that no matter what other people thought or said, I was making this decision for me and nobody else.  Every decision I took was for me and what was best for me.  It was the first time in my life that I actually put myself first. 


The dream of being the owner of a small quaint boutique CHECK!  I can’t help but ask myself… What else is possible???

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May 9, 2018
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